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Modern Storage Media are of the Nano-Technology Scale – the dimensions involved being tiny relative to the thickness of the human hair. The presence of airborne contaminants in a data recovery environment would cause irreversible damage to the delicate surfaces of the recording platters in the hard drives being worked on.

If a hard drive has to be opened in the course of the data recovery work – a Class 100 Clean room is an absolute minimum requirement. Opening a drive in a “Non-CleanRoom” Environment” will often mean that the Data Recovery efforts are doomed and the client’s data has been, as a consequence, rendered irrecoverable. The Class 100 Cleanroom has an environment specifically engineered to remove air contaminants, preventing them from damaging the open hard drives. A certified facility must adhere to and maintain a strict set of standards concerning equipment, equipment maintenance and the recovery engineers’ activities in the cleanroom to receive a Class 100 rating.

Special filtration equipment prevents air particulate contamination in the cleanroom atmosphere where the data recovery work is carried out. The use of ultra-low penetration air filters (ULPA) maintains cleanroom air cleanliness. Air circulates constantly through our ULPA filters to decontaminate the environment. The Data Rescue Center’s cleanroom contains fewer than 100 particles per one cubic foot of air that measure greater than 0.5 micrometers. Routine replacement of spent filters assures the cleanroom air-filtration equipment’s utmost efficiency.

The filters are configured for 100% coverage of the cleanroom. In other words, the entire ceiling is actually a huge filter that is controlled by a computerized management system. The monitoring and control system for the filtration units is built for both on-site and remote control and is adjusted from a computer terminal station.

DataRescue has invested heavily in data recovery laboratory facilities with ongoing investment ensuring that our Data Recovery Engineers are always working with the latest data recovery technology and knowledge. We always welcome client visits, and encourage all potential clients to ask other companies about their facilities and the possibility of a visit.

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