Confidentiality Assured on your Data Recovery

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Having to engage a data recovery provider should not, in any way, require you to compromise on the security of that same data. Data Recovery in the absence of proper Data Security is obviously not an option – confidentiality is one of the tenets on which our business is grounded.

From the moment you press the buzzer on our front door, security is in evidence – your media will only be stored and handled within the confines of our secure, access-controlled data recovery facility. In fact, our established security and auditing of the data recovery process qualify us to be able to demonstrate end-to-end legal chain of custody where required.

Our Data Recovery Facility is a secure environment to which access is controlled, this ensures only appropriate specialists handle sensitive information.  All our work is carried out in the utmost confidence and secrecy. Part of the engagement process involves our signing a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the client and it is within the strict parameters of this agreement that all work is carried out.

Indeed we are regularly contracted to recover classified data for medical, legal and state organizations. DataRescue is accustomed to the level of privacy and protection that classified materials require. We provide the same level of protection to all of our customers.

Should a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) be require that is specific to the customer and the data recovery job, we will provide a customised version of this NDA Template. Alternatively, we will be happy to review and sign your own organization’s NDA

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