Why DataRescue?

DataRescue have been in the Data Recovery Field for close to 20 years and have now become one of Ireland’s most experienced and trusted data recovery companies.

DataRescue has become a recognised training partner on multiple manufacturers’ data recovery products. Examples of training modules available are:

  • Logical Recovery – File Format Recognition.
  • Logical data recovery via avoiding BIOS interrupts.
  • Hard Drive Recovery Diagnostics – Diagnostic Tools
  • Hard Drive Recovery Diagnostics – Physical Recovery Diagnosis.
  • Hard Drive Recovery Diagnostics – Clicking Drives Diagnosis.
  • Hard Drive Recovery – Motions that unlock the actuator of a drive
  • Hard Drive Recovery – Logical Recovery of disabled hard drives
  • Hard Drive Recovery – Controller Board Repairs / Replacement.
  • Hard Drive Recovery – Head Assembly replacement
  • Hard Drive Recovery ( Advanced ) – Single and Multi-Platter Swaps
  • Hard Drive Recovery ( Advanced ) – Head Stack replacement
  • Hard Drive Firmware Repair – Working with the Service Area (SA) of a drive
  • Hard Drive Firmware Repair – P-List and G-List recovery
  • Hard Drive Firmware Repair – Addressing SMART values
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery – Imaging / Dealing with damaged sectors
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery – Imaging / Reverse scanning
  • RAID Recovery – RAID 0 Recovery & RAID 5 Recovery
  • RAID Recovery – ReConstruction & Export
  • Solid state drive recovery – Encryption.

When DataRescue launched their data recovery service in October 1994; data recovery was, essentially, hard drive recovery and nothing more. Nowadays, data recovery has moved far ahead of basic hard drive recovery – we recover data from all types of hard disk drives and from all manufacturers, ensuring the confidentiality of your data is assured.  We also do data recovery from removable media like: DAT, DLT, DVD and USB Memory Sticks. Whatever the media – we can recover from it!

In actual fact several members of the DataRescue Data Recovery Team have arrived to us from Hard Drive Manufacturers, with design qualifications and production experience of design and production of this media. They have an unsurpassed advantage in hard drive recovery having specialized in production-level information and experience of all makes of hard disk drives, such as desktop, laptop computer, server, RAID, NAS and external tough disk drives.

Whereas we cannot guarantee the recoverability of the data upon our receiving and doing an analysis of it – the High International Data Recovery Standard in force at our Data Recovery Lab ensures that the damage is contained from getting worse.

It is impossible to commit to a price without having done a thorough evaluation of why the data is not accessible and planning an approporiate data recovery procedure, specific to your job’s requirements.

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