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Data Recovery Advice:

1. Visit the Provider – It is very easy throw up a website and claim to be a Data Recovery Provider. DataRescue offers:

  • Extensive Data Recovery Certification and Experience.
  • Extensive Data Recovery resources e.g. Facilities, Equipment, Donor Drives etc.
  • Transparent Data Recovery Pricing and Processes.
  • Formal Data Recovery Security Protocols.

2. Beware Free Evaluations – a free evaluation doesn’t mean that you have nothing to lose. Once your media is in the wrong hands you have everything to lose.

3. Beware of Low Over-The-Phone Quotations – You only get one chance for data recovery – choose wisely.

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I would have no problem using Data Rescues services again or recommending them to someone else. ,
Mark Cotter - Vuepoint Ltd
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Data Recovery Services

We recover data from virtually any type of drives in a confidential, efficient, fast and cost effective manner.

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State of the Art Facility

We operate from a state of the art facility in a clean environment to insure maximum success of recovery

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We offer evaluations providing you with a clear fully inclusive cost of data recovery and what to expect

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