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It was late one evening 2 weeks ago and I was rushing from my practice to attend a cow which was in difficulty calving. There was one pressing job remaining before I left the clinic: format the new external drive to back up my iMac. I carefully took the new Toshiba drive from it’s box and went through the formatting protocol and retired for the evening.

Upon trying to retrieve some data from my 3 year old Toshiba drive the following morning, I realised my serious error from the evening before. In my abject haste, I had formatted the WRONG Toshiba drive; 2 were connected to my iMac. I googled “Data Retrieval Cork” as fast as my fingers could type. From the first word of my conversation with John O’ Shea, I knew that this organisation would be able to help me. I posted my drive to DataRescue in Dublin and I received a call the following morning from John O’Shea to confirm receipt and that their examinations had already begun! Having performed exhaustive and comprehensive diagnositics on my drive, John and colleagues were able to retrieve each and every important file that I had erroneously deleted. They had saved me months of misery in a few hours of detailed and specialised analysis. His courteous manner, patience, humour and efficiency on the phone with
updates impressed me greatly. Of the myriad number of organsiations offering these services in Ireland and the UK, I am genuinely satisfied with the outcome from John O’Shea and DataRescue. I would hope to avoid such a simple error in future but it is heartening to know that professional help is at hand should another flash drive be erroneously formatted in future…I would be very happy to recommend DataRescue to a colleague should they find themselves in a similar situation to me.

John Collins MRCVS, Mallow Vets

We continually recommend Datarescue for any data recovery work we have – after all our reputation is on the line! That is after using other “data recovery providers” who were actually only reselling other people’s service and, worse again, on some occasions had a go themselves.

We have an operation in the UK as well and actually bring Data Recovery from the UK to DataRescue.

Excellent service – always delivered professionally and with the customer at the fore.

A 24-disk RAID array from one of our biggest “escalation support” customers based in the IFSC went down during routine maintenance by their internal staff on a Sunday afternoon. There were three SQL databases thereon that were of critical, critical importance – let’s put it this way it would probably have figured in the media as “Data Loss by major Irish Financial Institution being investigated.”

They had outsourced all their data backups and their data backup provider claimed that they were made aware of the existence of these particular SQL databases. Panic Stations!

They contacted us and we contacted DataRescue. We had referred DataRescue in the past with great results but felt that this was going to be a challenge.

By 1330 on Monday the customer was up and running – having been handed copies of their recovered databases at 1100 that morning by DataRescue.

Customer really, really impressed ( and relieved ) and I must say I was really impressed. In fact, it reflected really well on us that we had access to resources like this.

Ciaran Lynch, DataTrust Limited

After bad sectors had appeared on one of our ESXi drives and stopped mounting we looked to a data recovery company to try to recover the information on the drive.

After researching a few different companies we chose DataRescue due to the professional nature of their website and information that they provided.

From the first contact with John we were reassured that we had chosen the right company to solve our problem. All the way through the short process we were updated fully to keep us in the loop.

At the end of the process we received a new hard drive with the rescued information intact. I would have no problem using Data Rescues services again or recommending them to someone else for hard drive data recovery work.

Olivier Florence, Flo Web Design

We submitted a hard drive recovery job to DataRescue. From the very outset, the service I received was excellent. The service is extremely personal – we were assigned John, as Case Manager, and he liaised with me throughout the process – right down to delivering the recovered back into my hands!

DataRescue were quick to diagnose the fault and provide a Full Report. I was provided with regular updates throughout the process.

Explanations were extremely thorough and what would otherwise have been a “lap of thre gods” experience was made extremely transparent therefrom.

We were referred to DataRescue – I actually contacted my colleague who referred me to them to thank her for a “real find”. I would have no hesitation in recommending DataRescue ( and have done ) and will use their data recovery services again if required.

Paul Behan ( IT Administrator ), 2RN ( formerly RTÉ Networks )

I wanted to formally record my thanks to you and your colleagues at DataRescue for your assistance in sorting out my ‘data crisis’ over the past few weeks. As I am sure you can imagine when I discovered that my external hard drive – which was used to back up years of personal and professional material – appeared to have erased itself I was in something of a panic. From my first – what I am sure was fairly incoherent – phonecall to your offices (which was quite late at night now that I remember it) to your final solving of my problem I found you and your company to have been  highly professional and calming.

I am delighted with the service you completed for me and even more delighted to have my files back. I would have no hesitation in recommending DataRescue to anyone who has problems in the data recovery or other relevant areas and would definitely use your services again (although I hope this will not be necessary).

Joe O’Hara ( Head Of School of Education Studies ), Dublin City University

The service was outstanding. We received regular progress updates and lots of useful advice on future preventative measures.

The entire process was quick and efficient, aided by the fact that all discourse was directly with the lead engineer dealing with our case. Throughout, we felt confident that exhaustive measures were being taken to ensure a successful outcome.

I would highly recommend DataRescue.

Over the past two and a half years we have had three data recovery jobs carried out by the DataRescue Team. We have always got a dedicated Lead Engineer assigned to each recovery task – this is a Major Plus for us…

That contact keeps us updated and allows us to make decisions based on the progress of a job. One particular hard drive recovery was of a pretty sensitive nature and DataRescue were able to facilitate us completely in the required contract / documentation requirements associated with the job.

Cmdt. Aodhain O’ Siochru, Defence Forces Canteen Board

A lot of IT people think that Data Recovery could be a “lucrative side line” – that is like your GP telling you that he’s going to start doing Open Heart Surgery as a “lucrative side line”. Totally, totally different area of expertise – I would imagine that there is more Data Recovery Jobs made impossible by these efforts than by media failure in the first place.

Excellent, excellent service at very competitive rates – quite simply they are PROFESSIONAL and HONEST! They explain everything in thorough detail – very impressive. I refer work to them from UK and have never had anybody come back to me to say that they went elsewhere because of price etc.

In Computer Forensics and Data Recovery; you are probably only going to get One Chance to get your data back or to be able to preserve the infamous “chain of custody” for legal cases – I would only give that One Chance to the DataRescue Team.

Dr Ernest Lord, CyberForensics Limited

From the beginning to the end, DataRescue, have been a pleasure to deal with. My main contact, John, has been quick, professional, supportive, efficient and explains everything comprehensively. A level of trust is built up very quickly and one feels confident that your data is in capable hands. If a fix is possible – this is the right company for the job.

What I believed to be a data recovery job turned out to be an easier fix. I was provided with advice and had all options clearly outlined. Most importantly, it was John’s honesty throughout, but particulary borne out in the end result which leads me, without hesitation, to recommend DataRescue.

Hannah O’Beirne, Private / Home User

Tara at DataRescue told me that they have saved marriages as I wiped my eyes in the DataRescue reception on the Thursday morning before Christmas (2012). I was Back in Ireland and up and running since only September, 2012 – I needed a break. DataRescue was that break!

I had a major function on December 22nd – this was December 20th – everything was on that laptop – everything! That function was the result of a referral that could cost me a lot of work elsewhere.

I had my Outlook and the particular Data Folder back for lunch time Friday! I had the rest of the contents of the laptop back before the New Year!

When Tara mailed me the testimonial form and explained that it’s difficult to get testimonials (most people are too embarrassed to admit that they hadn’t the stuff backed up and feel that it may give a negative impression of their professionalism) I told her that I have no difficulty whatsoever in expressing my satisfaction with the service – we are all human and, with so many portable devices in use nowadays, accidents are bound to happen.

Miriam Greenway, Polaris Event Management

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