Likely Cost - RAID / NAS

Pricing your RAID data recovery is significantly more complex than pricing a single drive recovery. Bearing in mind that each physical disk only contains a slice of your data and some error checking information – having access to one disk on its own usually doesn’t give the required level of access to complete data recovery logical operations on the RAID Volume.

A rule of thumb in RAID data recovery is that you never work directly on the underlying original physical disks – you take complete images of all working physical disks and work on those images instead. When you consider that RAID arrays of more than twenty disks are not unusual any more – this imaging can be extremely time consuming.

Whilst that imaging is in progress; any non-functioning disks in the array need to be identified and repaired for data recovery purposes. Key here is to try and identify the order of failure.

The purpose of doing an assessment should always be to quote a price that is realistic. To achieve this purpose all the above operations need to be done and possibility of complete data recovery thoroughly explored. To this end RAID recovery assessments are done on a per-drive price.

Please feel free to contact us and we can, over the phone, give you more advice on the specifics of your RAID Data Recovery requirements.

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