Failure Types - Hard Drive

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Logical Faults

Hard drive logical faults relate to filesystem or data corruption on a hard drive that otherwise functions correctly. It is common in these cases that a percentage of data is irrecoverably lost.

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Service Area Faults

A hard drive is, essentially, a “computer within a computer”. The System Area is an area of the hard drive specifically reserved for its own needs. Service Area faults relate to system corruption of this system-reserved area – most cases are fully recoverable.

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Media Faults

Hard drives store their data on electromagnetic media. Age will cause this meda to degrade – once caught in time these type of failures will generally present a full recovery.

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Mechanical Faults

Seized spindles, heads stuck on platter surface (stiction), damaged read/write components due to fall etc. The majority of hard drives we receive, in this category, have suffered a fall, bang etc. Media/platter damage is usually present and usually rules out the possibility of a recovery. Drives in this category and previous “DIY” recovery attempts would constitute nearly all of the unrecoverable work we encounter.

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Electronic Faults

Power surges, motor controller failures, corrision, faulty construction methods etc. Usually completely repairable but also the Number 1 DIY attempt by IT hobbyists or repair shops. They are told / read on the Internet that all you have to do is get a “compatible drive” and swap the boards – This is not true !! – see our Data Recovery Myths section.

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