Data Recovery Success Stories


Data recovery from CCTV DVR dumped in barrell of waste oil by burglars

In West Cork, thieves broke into a garage os a Friday night and stole three vehicles by driving them through the edge of a neighbouring graveyard. CCTV cameras were rolling throughout – the thieves response was to take the DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) and dump it into a barrell of waste oil in the garage workshop. The DVR was sent to DataRescue, via the Gardai, ( helps in retaining chain of custody etc. ).

Couple of days later we were able to return the video data to the Gardai for further action. Tricky and difficult job but with complete success.

Data Recovery from dropped laptop with late wife's photos with kids

Joe, in Templeogue, contacted us looking for help. His wife had recently passed away leaving himself and three young children – the eldest of whom was eleven years of age. He had an external hard drive with all the family photos – his wife and he had purposely collected them onto one “safe” location before her passing. He was going through photos from Eileen’s final months to put a memorial “collage” together for the family when the doorbell rang. The drive fell from the arm of the couch onto a wooden floor – the drive was now clicking and inaccessible.

Joe was referred to us by Techpros in the Square and we managed to do an Full Data Recovery for him of all his photos. It’s one of those stories that still sticks with us – a very happy and emotional man.

Data recovery from failed RAID - Childcare facility compliance worries

Childcare facilities, as you can imagine, are subject to very strict compliance requirements. A childcare facility in Carlow discovered that the RAID array on its server went down and that Backups were not available. The IT Company claimed that they thought that the server was being backed up by the company that provides the Nursery Administration Software. As well as the Nursery Administration Software being gone – access to the three creches in the chain was goverened by fingerprint access and this was gone as well. It would ruin them.

A trickier job but a successful result. They were without their data for 4 days but a Successful data recovery result!

Survey data recovery for construction company - generator problem

In Mullingar, in 2007, an UK construction company had spent nearly three weeks with over sixty staff surveying a 4.5 Acre site for a new heathcare facility. The next step was pile driving. There was a difficulty getting electricity to the site and , as it could involve waiting another 6 weeks, they decided to power the site using generators for the moment.

The IT Company, unwisely, had installed a NAS box and not advised the company about using UPSs ( Uninterruptable Power Supplies ) on all their IT equipment. The manufacturer of the NAS box told us that the corruption of the internal RAID occurred due to “dirty mains”.

Due to the fact that the bad situation was in place for the full duration of the time on site; a lot of damage was done. A full data recovery was not possible but a partial data recovery got them back the most important stuff and saved the day.

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