How Data Recovery Works

At DataRescue we have put processes in place allowing us to rescue your data as easily and economically as possible and in a timely manner.

We offer a simple 3 step system towards the recovery of your data:

Step 1: Evaluation

Once your drive has been received our technicians will assess the drive, the damage and data available for recovery. All this is done after taking a full image of the drive in order to stop the damage from spreading if this is the case.

We do this in a timely manner and will then contact you with a full evaluation and quote for the recovery of your data. You are free to continue with the recovery of your data or if you choose not to continue we will send you your drive back.

Step 2: Recovery

From our state of the art facility we will then proceed to recover the data from the image of the drive. This data will be stored onto a new drive in full confidentiality.

Step 3: The recovered data is sent back to you

We will then arrange to have your data sent back to you, ready to copy and use.

For further information on our data recovery services please contact us

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