Get it Right From The Outset - Data Recovery for Cork In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Immediately Power Off the Device and Leave It Off!

Whether laptop, desktop, PC, Apple Mac, external hard drive, RAID, NAS etc. one universal rule applies – halt the deterioration! In general faulty hard drives deteriorate very rapidly once they fail making the hard drive recovery process progressively harder and, unfortunately, less likely. Powering off the device will prevent further damage, avoid further unintended damage and complication and, ultimately, can make the data recovery significantly cheaper!

Step 2: Resist Temptation! - Do Not Do Any DIY Data Recovery Attempts

40% of Non-Recoverable Hard Drive Recovery / Data Recovery Jobs are as a consequence of previous DIY efforts. This is akin to trying to save money on a heart operation by asking your plumber to have a go! We have a Data Recovery Diagnostic Facility in Blackpool Retail Park, Cork so for Munster Data Recovery requirements you can immediately visit our facilities in Blackpool Retail Park to ensure that you are sending your work to a local, Cork-based professional Data Recovery facility.Data Recovery is a highly specialisied field requiring many years post-qualification experience to achieve highest recovery rates. We recover where others fail – 91.7% of jobs received in fact ( 2015 Statistics ).

Step 3: Complete Send-A-Drive Form and Send To Cork Data Recovery Facility For Evaluation

We do not see the sense of offering a 24/7 Data Recovery hotline service in Cork and, then, routing your call to a Call Answering Service located elsewhere! We undertake that your call will be answered 24/7 by a Qualified and Experienced Data Recovery Specialist who will advise and guide you in a professional manner. Indeed, if the input of a further specialist is required e.g. Hard Drive Recovery Specialist, USB Thumbdrive Recovery Specialist etc. they will be very likely to be able to access those secondary resources at that same time. Due to our local presence we are able to actually collect your Data Recovery work, in the Cork area, where required.

For Data Recovery In Cork Call Us now on 1890 RESCUE / (021) 4323771

Data Recovery Advice - Cork Data Recovery

Visit the Provider’s Data Recovery Facility – It is very easy throw up a website and claim to be a Data Recovery Provider for the Cork / Munster area.

We actively encourage customers to visit our Cork Data Recovery facility before committing to engage us for their Data Recovery work.

DataRescue offers:

  • Extensive Data Recovery Certification and Experience.
  • Extensive Data Recovery resources e.g. Facilities, Equipment, Donor Drives etc.
  • Transparent Data Recovery Pricing and Processes.
  • Formal Data Recovery Security Protocols.
  • Local Data Recovery in Cork at our Cork Data Recovery Facility in Blackpool.

Beware Free Evaluations – a free evaluation doesn’t mean that you have nothing to lose. Once your media is in the wrong hands you have everything to lose.

Beware of Low Over-The-Phone Quotations – You only get one chance for data recovery – choose wisely.

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