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Quotes Over The Phone?. . . Caveat Emptor! ( Buyer Beware! )

In DataRescue, we are continually asked to Quote for Data Recovery work, over the phone, without ever having seen the failed hard drive. Beyond giving a general explanation of the price range and the factors that will affect pricing; we do not engage in this practice.

Imagine, tomorrow morning, if you went out and your car would not start? You contact a Garage and he proceeds to tell you that it will be €200.00 to repair your car. You are, in effect, talking to a Poker Player who’s gambling as follows:

  • “If it’s just a Park Plug – I win” – I just got paid €200 for a Spark Plug!
  • If it’s the clutch then I will give them this news once I have the car back in my garage – then they will feel it’s just too much hassle to move it to another garage. I can name my price!

Either way, you, the Data Recovery Service Consumer lose!

At DataRescue, we provide you with a Free Assessment – delivering a Technical Report that you are very welcome to use to “price test” our Service with any other providers. We are extremely confident that our service is trustworthy and our Data Recovery Pricing is honest so we have no fear of being tested in this way. Be careful who you give your drive to, though, we have often got hard drives back with finger prints on platter, MHA, HBA interns etc. – if we open a drive to do a diagnosis we seal it with our own seals so that the integrity of your drive is traceable between Quotation and Actual Data Recovery.

The only time that DataRescue will ask you for a fee in the course of an Assessment is where the Head Assembly has to be replaced in the Drive to continue the Data Recovery Assessment. By their orientation, several of the platter surfaces are not exposed for detailed analysis for surface damage. Accordingly, replacement heads being put in are being put in “blind” of a potentially head-destroying damage on these particular surfaces. Where, such damage exists and not detected; the new Head Assembly will be ”chewed up” in < 20 Seconds. The frequency of this occurrence was of such a frequency that, as of March 2011, we discontinued funding heads purely for assessment purposes. Your Job Manager will explain this in detail to you.

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