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DataRescue are considering introducing a comprehensive Data Recovery and Data Loss Control 2-3 Day Course in several venues around Ireland (depending on local demand) in the near future. This will be dependent on demand.

Whilst this course would not be aimed at taking somebody from Zero to “Full Data Recovery Professional” in that length of time; it will be aimed at training IT Professionals, in-house IT personnel etc. how to handle a potential data loss situation as it is being preserved and processed to a Professional Data Recovery Resource such as ourselves.

We find that a lot of damage we come across has actually being caused by changes made / handling AFTER the potential Data Loss situation is first noticed. The best way to position this course would be that it would be the equivalent of a First Aid Course vs a Medical Degree – you are handling / controlling the situation until you can escalate.

We will equip our participants with a greater insight into the Professional Data Recovery Process and how to give you / your customer the best possible chance of a successful result from your Data Recovery endeavors. All modules will be taught by Qualified Data Recovery Engineers and will be rich in demos and labs:

At the end of the training participants would be able to: 1. Have an extensive knowledge of general and specific media storage device characteristics. 2. Ability to do preliminary diagnosis a host of common media storage device issues 3. Ability to do gather required Information for Data Recovery Professional on a host of common media storage device issues 4. We would give participants a, general, firsthand knowledge of the existence and usage of data recovery tools. 5 .Analyze the various causes of data 6. Estimate the cost of each incident and suggest several strategies for responding to a Data Loss / Data Recovery Incident. 7. How to “contain” unstable media and media with bad sectors and, in certain cases,to create an image of a bad drive. 8. Ability to unlock a drive and give full access to data. 9. Acquire tools, processes and systems that allow you to “In-Bound Process” Data Recovery Work for your Organisation / Clients and send to Data Recovery Professional. 10. Connect with the DataRescue technical team to get on-demand case –level support to demonstrate success with difficult cases.

If you are interested in this training or have questions for us, please feel free to send email to us:


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A Hard Drive is a very complicated subsystem of your Server / PC / Laptop – a veritable “Computer within a Computer”.

How caould somebody Quote you for the Data Recovery Job without ever seeing the drive:?

Beyond giving a general explanation of the price range and the factors that will affect pricing; we do not engage in this practice.


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When it comes to Data Recovery / Hard Drive Recovery Urban Myths abound such as:

  • Hard Drives are Air Tight and cannot be opened.
  • Putting the Hard Drive in the Freezer will restore access to the Data.
  • Changing the PCB on the Hard Drive will restore Access to the Data.

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